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Why is Paint Correction Important?

Paint Correction is important in order to get your car looking new again because your vehicle is continuously exposed to elements that cause damage to your car including but not limited to: weather, sun exposure, automated car wash brushes (rough bristles and particles already stuck to them), water spots, bird droppings, tree sap, dust, dirt, etc. If you care about the appearance of and lastingness of your vehicle’s paint, paint correction is the way to go.

The basic process includes the following:


Deep Clean Car Wash


Chemical Decontamination
with Clay Bar


Car Paint Correction


Protective Ceramic Car Coating

Does My Car Need Paint Correction or Polishing?

Paint correction is a much more thorough and detailed process vs polishing. 

  • Paint correction is removing microscopic layer(s) in order to reveal a new smoother and mirror-like finish to your car. 

  • Polishing is only adding a layer of shine to your vehicle which is nice in the short run, but it’s not as long-lasting as paint correction.

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